On March 9-11, the Boise chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby hosted the Northwest Pacific Regional Conference for our organization. This conference has previously been held in either Portland or Seattle, and the effort this year was to reach into the conservative areas of the Northwest. Not only did Boise receive an enthusiastic response, but the conference had an all-time high in registered participants and a strong showing of local students.

CCL has over a thousand members in Idaho and six thousand in the Pacific Northwest. They came together to listen to speakers talk about topics such as reaching out to the rural community, with representatives from the Idaho Dairy Association and the Idaho Barley Commission, as well as a rancher and a wind power developer. Other sessions discussed the economics of renewable energy in the Northwest, and the role of climate change and fire in our area.

We also had presentations on understanding how conservative and liberal people can communicate better on the topic of climate change and its solutions, and well as the psychological roadblocks to climate action. We had a presentation by students from the Climate Justice League, who testified before the Idaho House and Senate supporting keeping climate change education in our science standards.

Presentation on solar power at the regional conference.

While CCL advocates for a revenue neutral national price on carbon, we also support fair, transparent, and politically viable local and state efforts on climate if we believe they will protect lower income citizens and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our keynote speaker on Sunday was Kristin Eberhard from the Sightline Institute of Seattle. She spoke about the current legislative efforts to price carbon in the states of Oregon and Washington.

Upcoming Opportunities

The national Citizens’ Climate Lobby conference is June 10-12  in Washington, D.C. We will have a thousand citizens lobbying almost every congressional office on the same day, including some from Boise, Pocatello and Moscow. New members are welcome to come and there will be training on the first day. We will be bringing letters from constituents asking for action on climate from across the nation and discussing the benefits of Carbon Fee and Dividend, a revenue neutral price on carbon pollution with dividends returned equally to every American. Find more information here: Citizens Climate 9th Annual International Conference.

CCL is growing in Idaho, from the eastern cities of Pocatello and Idaho Falls to new chapters in Lewiston and Sandpoint. Our organization also has a branch called Citizens’ Climate Education, that provides extensive information and training on all aspects of climate advocacy. Anyone interested in joining can do so through the website.

Students from the Climate Justice League (Idaho Sierra Club), posing with their science project posters, presented a session on Building Student Advocacy at the CCL Northwest Pacific Regional Conference.

[Cover photo: Participants at the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Northwest Pacific Regional Conference held in Boise, March 9-11, 2018.]

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Nancy Basinger

Dr. Nancy Basinger has practiced veterinary medicine in Idaho for 34 years. She and her husband, Steve, currently work at MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter. Nancy also volunteers for Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

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