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Marian H. is a single mother living in rural Idaho. She has two sons—one in eighth grade and the other a junior in high school. She’d like to get a better job, but what she wants requires a bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, she’s more than an hour away—in good weather—from the nearest university. Then she hears about the University of Idaho’s degree programs offered online. After talking with an advisor, Marian decides on a program that best suits her needs. She’s on her way to a better future.

No longer are the four walls of a classroom a barrier to educational opportunities. Today’s technology brings education right to you. As long as you have Internet access, you can be on your patio, at the lake, in a coffee shop, or anywhere else and still take your classes. The University of Idaho has a wide variety of fully-online programs available, ranging from Psychology, Sociology/Criminology, Educational Leadership, Environmental Science, and many more. A complete list of online programs is available here or for more information, call 208-885-4132.

Independent Study in Idaho delivers online, college-level courses. Start anytime. Work from anywhere at your own pace within the limits set by the course instructor. You can take up to a year to complete. Begin college programs early and graduate on time. There are more than 100 courses in 25 subject areas available. For more information, visit here, or call 208-885-6641.


Dual Credit is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation. It eases the transition to college by giving students firsthand exposure to college-level work while earning high school and college credit simultaneously. It also provides students with a wider range of course options at their high school.  Participating students can accumulate college credits prior to entering college that will help them graduate early or on time.  University of Idaho partners with high schools throughout the state of Idaho. Classes that are available at McCall-Donnelly High School include biology, drawing, chemistry, college writing, literary genres, history pre-calculus, analytic geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and psychology.  Learn more about Dual Credit, or call 208-885-4074.

The University of Idaho makes it easy for you to determine your future.  Get started now.

(Bob Hails is the Director of Distance & Extended Education for the University of Idaho, with over 40 years of experience in distance education. Bob is also a fairly new resident of Idaho who enjoys hiking and driving his Jeep into the middle of nowhere.)

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