NASA – Photo processed by Gerald Eichstadt and Sean Doran


NASA’s billion-dollar Mission Juno probe sent home stunning images of Jupiter on October 24th. This was the probe’s ninth high-speed flyby of the planet, called a perijove. NASA invites the public to process the raw image data received from the probe into colorful images, which are submitted to the agency for sharing with the public. The awe-inspiring results are posted on NASA’s website, where you can see both the raw data as well as the processed photos. A few samples are included here.

Seán Doran, a graphic artist from the UK who regularly submits his processed images to NASA, tweeted on November 7th: “Brand new Jupiter pics from @NASAJuno Perijove 09! What a blimmin’ gorgeous/diabolical planet.”



NASA – Photo processed by Gerald Eichstatd and Sean Doran

NASA – Photo processed by Gerald Eichstatd and Sean Doran

NASA – Photo processed by Ermin Anit

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