McCall, Idaho – Beginning this week the Payette National Forest will begin providing a web-based map that reflects the current year trails maintenance status for the Forest.

This map will provide Forest trail users and visitors the opportunity to obtain real-time information on any of the trails on the Forest, whether they are in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness or on the Weiser District before making the trip.

Non-motorized trails and motorized trails are represented. It should be noted that this map displays the maintenance status of the trails on the Payette National Forest only.

Trail designations can be identified by clicking on an individual trail; however, users should consult the current year Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) available online or at any Payette National Forest Office. The trail maintenance map will be updated on a regular basis, and users should note that trail conditions and maintenance schedules can and do change rapidly. Know Before You Go, and check in a with a local Ranger District Office before finalizing your plans.

Click this short url to visit the Payette National Forest Trail Maintenance Map.

“The map is easy to use,” said Josh Simpson, Krassel District Recreation Specialist. “Just simply navigate to the area of interest, zoom in to the desired scale and click on your trail of interest.”  A box will pop-up and display the following:  Trail Name, Trail Number, Status, Use (Non-motorized, 2-wheeled motorized etc.) Maintainer (USFS, Idaho Trails Association, Central Idaho Trail Riders Association, Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation etc.), Comment, Date Last Maintained and Miles.

You can also click on a link in this pop-up [“Zoom to” in lower left corner] to zoom into the trail. Trails are color-coded based upon the maintenance status. Yellow is scheduled for maintenance, purple is not scheduled for maintenance, black is not maintained, red is closed and green denotes that maintenance has been completed this year.

As USFS trail crews and partner groups conduct maintenance throughout the main use season, the Forest will provide updates to this map. You will know when your favorite trail has been maintained as it will change color from Yellow (Scheduled for Maintenance) to Green (Maintained).

This map works best when opened in Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers – a few glitches are noted when using Internet Explorer.

Please understand that this is a very new development and will undergo changes throughout this first year of use. The Forest would love to receive feedback on the user experience of this map regarding ways we can improve upon it or fix any glaring issues that we may have not caught in the development and publishing of this information.

Please direct feedback and comments on this map to Josh Simpson at

[Media release provided by USDA Forest Service Region 4 · 324 25th Street · Ogden, Utah 84401]

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Rebecca is a freelance writer and publisher living near McCall, Idaho. A Seattle native and recovering attorney, she much prefers the quiet, slow pace, and distinct seasons of the West Central Mountains, enjoying the skiing, hiking and running opportunities provided by the nearby Payette National Forest. Rebecca is a Contributing Editor with Bark magazine, and the author of Growing Up Boeing: The Early Jet Age Through the Eyes of a Test Pilot’s Daughter (Feb 2014).

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