Citizen’s Climate Lobby volunteers and Saving Snow director Diogo Freire at the 2017 Birkie.

I’ve been a volunteer with Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL) for four years. In that time, I’ve been part of several meetings with our members of congress here in Idaho as well as traveling to Washington D.C. to participate in the CCL national conference and to meet with our representatives and staff in the nation’s capital. We listen to our representatives and ask them what they think about climate change, and what actions do they think need to happen in response to the scientific consensus around the need for immediate and significant action. We discuss our preferred solution of placing a steadily increasing fee on fossil fuel producers and returning all of those fees back to citizens in equal shares. We often hear that climate risk doesn’t seem to be a priority for voters and they are not convinced people want a change in the status quo.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s mission is to build the political will for a livable world. For us that means bringing people together to require that our politicians pass fair and effective national legislation towards a stable climate, cleaner air, and healthier ecosystems. There is a growing consensus in Idaho and around the country that we are already seeing the effects of climate instability. Yet we know many voters still don’t consider that this issue affects them or their loved ones directly or is a top concern.  The other factor in voters’ willingness to demand action from our leaders is that it’s not clear what to do. The problem is far reaching in time and global in space, and it may seem that any action that our U.S. Congress takes may have potential economic downsides while being insignificant in solving the problem.

“Across the country, people who depend on winter for their livelihood are feeling the heat. On the sidelines of skiing and snowboarding, an epic struggle to reverse rising temperatures is unfolding. Ski towns and the snow sports industry are paving the way towards a clean energy future.” Promotion for Saving Snow, a film by Adaptation Now Documentary Project

With sponsorship from the McCall Film Society, Citizen’s Climate Lobby will be bringing the documentary Saving Snow to McCall on January 9th.  It will show at the Alpine Playhouse at 7:00 pm, with discussion afterward.  We know that snow and all that goes along with it are part of the life blood of McCall and the West Central Mountains region. This documentary follows other communities who are dependent on snow sports, looking at how they have been affected by and responded to changing patterns of snowfall in their areas. After the 58-minute film we will host a panel discussion with HP Marshall, snow scientist at Boise State University, Ken Rider, General Manager at Brundage Mountain Resort, and Brad Larsen, General Manager at Tamarack Resort. It will be a great opportunity to ask questions about the forecasts and plans of our two local resorts.

In addition, we will give a brief introduction of the first bi-partisan climate bill to be introduced in Congress in a decade. It is effective, good for people, good for jobs, and doesn’t grow government.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby has been working for 11 years to bring people together around common values, and increase understanding that the same efforts to get climate change under control can also create jobs, help lower and middle income Americans, and create a healthier and cleaner world.  We hope you will join us to be part of the discussion.

(Cover photo courtesy of Adaptation Now.)

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Nancy Basinger

Dr. Nancy Basinger has practiced veterinary medicine in Idaho for 34 years. She and her husband, Steve, currently work at MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter. Nancy also volunteers for Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

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