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Adrian Raeside

Adrian Raeside: 
New Zealand-born editorial cartoonist for the Victoria Times Colonist for 35 years, Raeside's editorial cartoons have appeared in over 400 newspapers and magazines worldwide. In 1988, Raeside began producing animated editorial cartoons for the CBC, going on to create, direct and produce dozens of animated shows for Turner Broadcasting and Children's Television Workshop. Raeside left the animation production business but was still involved in writing scripts for various animated series, including Atomic Betty and Kid vs. Kat. Raeside is the author of eighteen books. Among them: There Goes the Neighbourhood - An Irreverent History of Canada, The Demented Decade, and Return to Antarctica, an account of his grandfather's role in the famous 1910 race to the South Pole - along with a TV documentary based on the book. He also wrote and illustrated the popular Dennis the Dragon series of children's books, soon to be re-released. His most recent bestselling books, Tails Don't Lie and Tails Don’t Lie 2 are collections of dog-related cartoons from his The Other Coast comic strip, which appears in numerous newspapers worldwide. The passing of his beloved dogs inspired Raeside to write and illustrate The Rainbow Bridge - A Visit to Pet Paradise. A heartwarming tale of a boy and his dog and the special unbreakable bond between them is the book for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet.
Adrian lives in Whistler, BC, and is currently "between dogs."
Visit Adrian's website at http://raesidecartoon.com/ for more information about his books and comics.

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