Love dogs? Then celebrate Wolfenoot on November 23rd! This is the holiday’s inaugural year and by chance it coincides with…the full moon!

A woman in New Zealand, writer Jax Goss, has an imaginative and animal-loving son. He created this new holiday to celebrate dogs. After his mother shared his idea on her Facebook page and Twitter, it went viral and has become a thing.

Amazed by the response, in October Jax created a Wolfenoot website – No Hate Only Snootboops – and a Facebook page (a closed group so you need to ask to join) with 2,700+ likes so far. A children’s picture book about Wolfenoot – with original art by a thirteen-year-old girl in Oregon – is in the works. There is also a “Wolfeloot” page on the website where Wolfenoot items can be purchased, proceeds benefiting various wolf and animal charities designated by Jax and her son.

The official Wolfenoot event page on Facebook shows nearly 9,000 people interested in “attending” on November 23rd, which means they’re creating their own celebrations in their homes or with friends, wherever they live.

The Twitter account @realwolfenoot has some 2,000 followers.

All this since the original Facebook post in late September.

Even though November 23rd happens to be when the full moon falls this year, that’s not why the date was chosen; Jax’s son insisted on November 23rd because “that is the date of the great wolf’s death.” (Jax hints at more information to come about this background; perhaps it’s part of the story he’s creating for the Wolfenoot picture book.) Living in New Zealand, Jax and her son didn’t realize that this year, in the United States the 23rd falls the day after Thanksgiving; they don’t have a Thanksgiving holiday in their country. And even though in future years November 23rd won’t necessarily fall on a full moon, her son is adamant that Wolfenoot always be November 23rd.  So, join in the fun of observing a new holiday from its inception, a holiday that celebrates the Spirit of the Wolf who rewards dogs and the people who are kind to them. What’s not to like?

As Jax says, “Welcome to the Wofenati.” Have a howly Wolfenoot!

To help plan your celebration, here are some food/treat suggestions for you and the dogs in your life. Click on the photo for the recipe.

Marshmallow bones for hot chocolate.

Carob rocky road treats

Peanut butter banana ice cream treats

Tropical pineapple coconut treats







Another idea for celebrating Wolfenoot: use the long holiday weekend to binge-watch Season 1 of the Netflix Original Documentary Series Dogs.

Episode One: The Kid with a Dog   This episode takes us into the world of matching kids with medical challenges such as epilepsy/seizures, balance issues, mobility, and other medical conditions with service dogs that will help them navigate the world more easily. This episode’s focus is on Corrine, whose severe epilepsy requires someone be with her constantly. Getting a service dog to alert to her seizures will give the entire family security and respite. Upon traveling to the service dog training facility to meet Corrine’s service dog, a blonde labradoodle named Rory, the family learns that Corrine’s sister and other family members can’t ever give the dogs treats or feed it because the bond between a service dog and its person must be exclusive. You see how harsh that edict is in the look on Corrine’s sister’s face when she’s told; she was hoping for a family pet and has a hard time accepting this restriction. Eventually the family and Rory settle in, and Corrine’s bond with Rory deepens.

A synopsis of the season’s five other episodes, reflecting the series’ goal of highlighting bonds between humans and dogs around the world: Bravo, Zeus (a Syrian refugee schemes to smuggle his singing husky, Zeus, out of war-torn Damascus); Ice on the Water (an Italian fisherman finds comfort in his aging Golden retriever, Ice); Scissors Down (two Japanese dog groomers are challenged at an American grooming competition); Territorio de Zuguates (a couple invests their all in a vast free-range dog sanctuary in Costa Rica); and Second Chances (a dedicated Texas dog-adoption advocate drives dogs to New York to find forever homes).

Each episode is around 50 minutes long, with excellent videography. Definitely binge-worthy, especially on a long holiday weekend that includes the inaugural Wolfenoot celebration. Here’s the series trailer:

(Cover photo courtesy Wolfenoot website.)

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